Furnishing Fabrics in Dubai


Whether its drapery in regal patterns, or upholstery that emanates a quiet modernism, Ultra’s collections hold the answer. Our sourcing is exclusive to world class composite mills. From yarn to the finished fabric, Ultra maintains complete control over production. This is how Ultra ensures it’s quality promise.

Foil Printed Fabrics


Every Jacquard of ours captures the imagination. Every print forces a deeper look. Our motifs dance in lamp and sun. Our foils sheen with opulence. It’s the ageless nature of our selections that charms traditionalists and originals.

Plains and Textured Fabrics Dubai


Informed by an appreciation for minimalism, our plains & textures have the power to turn tacit spaces bold. Be it generic gray or placid blue, we’ve mastered every shade & weave to transform the standard into art. This ability is evident in every touch.


Dyes that hold their colour under the sun. Prints & textures untainted by spills. Polyesters that won’t burn. Salt water sprayed acrylics and PUs that always feel new. These are all possibilities within our fabric range.


A good sheer should fall with grace, shift with transparency, and allow the light with elegance. Woven with textured cotton or knitted in soft lace & polyester, our sheers continue to refine homes all over the region.